February 2015

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Income tax season is upon us and it’s time to grab out your reading glasses, visor, accounting calculator, coffee (or wine) and that stack of important paperwork you meant to organize to make filing your taxes easier, but just never quite got around to.

Because we totally understand how busy you are and know that you’ll just end up on Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest during your search for tax time tips, we put together a list of resources that every military spouse needs during tax season.

Military Friendly Tax Filing Resources

Military OneSource is offering a no-cost online tax preparation and filing service!  You’ll need to register with them to use the service, but hey, it’s FREE!

Turbo Tax has two programs running right now for military

Living in a town with a long military history, stories of bravery and valor are common to hear but there are heroes whose stories haven’t been heard as often. This week, we have chosen to highlight Dr. Martha Settle Putney for both her military service and for her contributions to the recorded history of African Americans in the military.

Martha Putney, born in 1916, came from a close and hard working family in Pennsylvania. Her parents never stopped stressing the importance of education to her and her 7 siblings. In turn, they all graduated from high school and many went on to pursue higher education. In 1943, Martha was one of 40 African American women chosen to join the WAAC (Women’s Army Auxiliary Corp) and proudly served until the end of World War

Military life is a funny thing. Nothing ever seems to stay the same, but somehow, we embrace change as our “normal.” Finding civilian friends who understand your “normal” is another funny, yet rare thing – much like a unicorn. We know they’re out there, and when we find one, it’s magical. While not all of our civilian friends understand military life, there’s always a military spouse out there who can relate to the exact place you’re at in your life.

In honor of your “normal,” here are a few of the funnier ways you know you’re a military spouse:

  • You have enjoyed a beautiful sunset on your installation, complete with barbed wire fences in the view.
  • The majority of your laundry consists of camouflage, green shirts, and brown socks. If you’re

Having a loved one far away is something that almost all military families face at some point in their service. The challenges of staying connected can really make the time seem longer, but the following tips can help. With a little planning, and a lot of flexibility, the time apart can be made a little more bearable.

1. Try different ways to connect.

It’s easy to fall into a rut with how you communicate. A quick email or a phone call is always nice, but don’t rule out other methods for staying in touch. Cell phones programs like Facetime and video calls from Skype are a great way to get some time with your loved one, and seeing their face is an added bonus. Old-fashioned letter writing is also a great way to switch things up. Letters make special