March 2015

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More military children will be able to attend this year's free Operation Purple summer camps around the country- but the April 6 deadline for applications is looming.

The National Military Family Association is able to send about 2,600 military kids ages 7 to 17 to the weeklong camps at 24 locations, thanks to a partnership with the Wounded Warrior Project. NMFA created the program in 2004 as a way for military kids to have a fun and rewarding experience in the company of other kids with similar experiences in military life.

Priority goes to children who have had or will have a parent or guardian deployed within a 15-month window. NMFA has also carved out another priority category for the camps this year that will help more children of wounded

From credit card debt to frequent moves, military families face financial challenges that have unusual dimensions from civilian families. Here are tips that will help your family save and budget for your daily life and your long-term goals. By tracking your spending and creating habits to contribute towards retirement, you'll be prepared to budget like an expert and save like a boss.

Track Your Spending

Many people say that they don't know where their money goes. Empower yourself by tracking where your money is being spent. Whether you keep track of your spending by writing down your expenditures, keeping a spreadsheet, or using a website that tracks all of your accounts, it's important to know where your money is going. Once you know, it'll make

Deployments can be difficult in a military family, but there can also be stress in the window of time before and after a deployment. Everyone Serves is a great free online resource for those closest to service members. Everyone Serves is a “handbook for family and friends of service members during pre-deployment, deployment, and reintegration.”

Accessible on the web and available as a PDF or eBook, Everyone Serves provides easy access to topics ranging from the roller coaster of emotions one can feel, how to identify and handle stress, and how focusing on self-care can help everyone in the process. It handles complex emotions with ease, and doesn’t down play difficult topics. Worksheets are available to download and print as a way to help gauge

As spring thinks about turning into summer, PCS season is again upon us. If you're doing what MY family is doing this June, you're moving! Again. We military moms have this zoo-moving thing down to a science. We chuckle at other families who spend months stressing over a cross-town move, and shake our collective head at the rookie mistakes of our civilian counterparts. Whether to keep our household goods in order, keep our kids from running amok or just to keep our sanity, we military spouses have developed our own moving rituals that inspire flawless ground operations everywhere.

Rituals to Love. No matter how old your children are, if they are able to hold a crayon they can create a 'Best-Of' book from each station as you depart. Have the younger set

To understand VA Loan Entitlement, veterans should know what it is and what it is not. When used in relation to VA guaranteed home loans, the term “entitlement” is a reference to the maximum guarantee for each eligible borrower that the VA provides to the lender. It is not the maximum VA loan amount a veteran can get, nor a payment made to the veteran.

When considering a VA loan, many veterans start by looking up their entitlement online at the Veterans Information Portal. A common figure is $36,000, but borrowers should not assume that’s all the entitlement available. All first-time users of VA home loan benefits start with enough entitlement for a mortgage of $417,000 (more in certain high-cost counties). Of course, borrowers must qualify with enough