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Turning a move into an adventure can help your children cope. Although relocating can be one of life's challenges, it is also an adventure. By guiding your child through this experience with knowledge and patience, the transition can be a piece of cake! 

The home you are moving from may be the only one your child has ever known. There's a sense of familiarity there, not only with the house, but everything around it. The neighborhood friends, parks, and schools will soon no longer exist for them. That's why moving can be especially troubling for children. But if parents understand what their child's concerns and needs are, a lot of distress can be avoided.

What are your kids concerned about?

Preschool children tend to worry about being left behind

Just how do you make friends without coming off too desperate (even if you might be)? Here are 7 ways you might find your newest gal pal.

Online. Facebook groups, meet ups, Post in a easygoing voice. “Hi, I’m _____, I just moved here and wanting to get to know more people. I’m 27, 2 kids, I like running… yada, yada, look forward to hearing from you!” Hopefully you’ll get a few comments from people who are or have been in your situation that will respond 

Fitness classes. Even if you’re not that interested in fitness- exercise is good for you, anyway. Show up a few minutes early to class and make small talk with your fellow students. Stay late and continue the conversation. As you get friendlier, suggest a meet up outside of class. “Hey I heard

Considered a normal part of the “military life cycle,” the Permanent Change of Station move can be a really positive experience — or a very trying ordeal  — for military families.

With the military’s peak summer moving season fast approaching, March is typically a month that sees many service members negotiating for PCS orders. Once those orders are issued, the pressure begins to mount as the moving date nears.

The Defense Department offers a number of resources that can help military families experience a smooth transition during their PCS move, according to Barbara Thompson, the director of the DOD’s Office of Family Policy.

Thompson was the guest speaker at a bloggers' roundtable hosted by the Defense Media Agency on Wednesday. She pointed

At the heart and soul of every military family is not only the service member but the   spouse who helps keep it all together when deployment, PCS or even everyday challenges arise. Being half of a military couple may mean an even bigger commitment to the relationship as well as to the service to our nation that their spouse embodies every day. It's not an easy job and now is an ideal time to say thanks for doing it!

Remember first and foremost that military spouses are both men and women – every branch of the armed forces includes service members who are also wives and mothers. That means there are plenty of dads and husbands who are 'serving' on the home front taking care of kids and daily life and who also need a show of appreciation.