August 2015

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With over 35,000 children affected by the deployment of a parent and another 54,000 dealing with the recovery of a wounded parent, Our Military Kids aims to reduce the stress on some of the families dealing with separation or injury.

Our Military Kids is a non-profit organization that aims to help children with parents deployed in the National Guard or Reserves, or have parents who have been wounded in any branch of the service.

The grants provided by Our Military Kids help children “engage in activities of their choosing” by helping meet the costs associated with activities like athletics, fine art programs, extracurricular activities, and even tutoring. By being able to take part in activities they enjoy, kids can focus on the positives that come

Parenthood is full of surprises. Just when you expect a complete meltdown, your resilient military kids shock you by going with the flow. Moving can put the whole house on an emotional rollercoaster. So, here are a few tips that might make your next move a smooth one for your kids — and you: 

Tell your kids about the move as soon as possible. Give your kids plenty of time to adjust to the idea of moving and say goodbye to all their friends.  

Give your kids space and answers. They may also have a lot of questions, so listen patiently and answer as best you can. Help your kids research their new school, nearby parks and base activities. The adjustment — for you and your kids — will take time.

Give your kids a task. Depending on the age of your

PCSmoves is a nationwide network of professionals dedicated to helping our military members with their unique housing needs. Many of our staff have experienced PCSing in their lives or careers, either while active duty or as a military spouse or child.

It gives us a great deal of pride to help ease the burden of relocation. PCSing can be a stressful time, and we have made it our mission to make the transition as easy as possible. But there are other challenges that our service members face.

The saying “It takes a village” is never more true than when referring to the needs of our military men and women. Here at PCSmoves we can help you find the perfect village and the best place to call home in it. There are also many other organizations out there

When I was a kid, my parents were determined that my sisters and I would see all 48 contiguous states. So every summer, they’d pack us in the Aerostar with enough provisions that would make anyone on the Oregon Trail jealous and head off to road trip through another section of the United States.

When I look back on it, I have no idea how my parents did it—the three of us sometimes bickering, sometimes singing more than 100 verses of I’m Hen-er-y the Eighth, I Am, sometimes hanging out the window mooing at the cows we drove by.

We looked forward to those vacations every year…but I have no clue how my parents held it together and felt like they had some semblance of a break from the every day. I mean, that’s the whole point of a vacation, right?

Today, the U.S. Coast Guard celebrates 225 years of Service to Nation. Over the past 225 years, the service has grown and adapted to the changing needs of our Nation. As the Coast Guard looks to the future, we celebrate our legacy, partnerships and celebrate how far we have come as a service. Join us in celebrating the Coast Guard’s 225th birthday today and throughout the rest of the year using #CG225th!

From the first lifesaving stations on the shores of Massachusetts where crewmen rowed small, wooden boats into overpowering surf in hopes of rescuing people from storm-battered ships to the Coast Guard’s newest, largest and most technologically advanced 418-foot national security cutters designed to conduct multiple Coast Guard missions around the