October 2015

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Learning how to save money might be the smartest thing you ever do. It takes discipline, time and a commitment to financial planning to become a good "saver." You can easily score financial security — and peace of mind — for you and your family. Get started now with these eight small steps:

Examine your monthly cash flow to see just how much is coming in and going out. What does your housing payment look like? How much do you spend on car loans, household bills, and entertainment costs? Fingers crossed that you're making more than you spend.

Track your spending habits for one month on your smartphone or in a small notebook. $80 a month on lattes? Who knew?

Write down your short-term financial goals. It's a good idea to start building an emergency

It's not easy being the new kid and it can be hard to leave your old school and friends. However, before too long, you'll have new friends and you'll wonder why you ever worried about switching schools in the first place. The key is just to jump right in and find out what's waiting for you.

Here are some things to do before the first day of school: Become a research sponge. The more you know, the less anxious you'll feel. Check out the new school's website to figure out how it compares to your old school and what features you can look forward to.

  • Call ahead. Have a parent call the guidance counselor to see if there's anything specific you need to do to get ready. They can ask for details on certain classes, after-school programs and clubs you may

Everyone approaches the home buying process differently. But the differences are more pronounced between the sexes. In fact, a new study, by Country Wide Home Loans, found that men and women are on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to how much time they put into finding a new home.

The nationwide survey of 219 adults, who own their homes, found that 43 percent of women surveyed spend less time shopping for their new home. Conversely, 23 percent of men spend too much time searching for homes.

But, even though men and women approach this sale differently, they have the same goals when it comes to improving how they go about the process.

Those surveyed said they would improve the following when buying their next home:

 -25 percent would