December 2015

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Oh, those holiday happenings. Kids are running around squealing at frequencies only the dog can appreciate and it looks like a wrapping paper tornado tore through your living room. Things can get hectic at holiday time while everyone is so busy. When you're deployed, being away from your family can be tough, especially during the holidays.

Whether you are under the same roof or thousands of miles apart, you can make this holiday season special. Get creative by connecting with your family and creating new traditions, during the holidays or any day. Make it a priority to reach across the miles and think outside the box to create those special moments. Holidays are not about how much you give, but about celebrating each other. 

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Every year in Norfolk, Virginia, on the weekend before Thanksgiving, the city celebrates the lighting up of the city skyline in a celebration of the holidays with an event called the Grand Illumination. 100,000 spectators converge on the city streets to enjoy the Grand Illumination Parade that follows. Marching bands, local organizations, dance troupes, and balloons all navigate the parade route providing two miles worth of celebration and holiday cheer.

The Real Estate Group, a brokerage located in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake, enjoyed a very special honor in this year’s parade. Wearing matching sweatshirts that said “Proudly Serving Our Military”, the ambassador agents of TREG debuted the Blue Angels Balloon to the huge crowd. 

The large balloon

It's easy to get caught up in the holiday season and spend a little too much money. Celebrating doesn't have to mean debt.

Control your cash. Check out these ways to tame the holiday frenzy:

Make (and stick to) a budget. 

Money can fly out of your wallet fast for gifts, special meals, decorations and travel. Plan ahead of time how much you're going to spend on each category, and then stay in that range. 

Take inventory. Don't rush out to buy wrapping paper before checking to see if there's a forgotten stash of a dozen rolls shoved into the back of a closet. The same is true for presents you may have hidden too well last year. 

Shop secondhand for decorations. Thrift stores and garage sales usually have loads of holiday decorations as people is excited to welcome The Real Estate Group to our expanding network! Located in a region of southeastern Virginia known as Hampton Roads, The Real Estate Group has offices located in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake. This region of Virginia has a large and vibrant military community, and The Real Estate Group is proud to be able to serve their unique relocation needs.

The Real Estate Group was founded with a vision of being a strongly people-driven business that was focused on meeting the needs of clients. The huge military presence in the Hampton Roads region means that The Real Estate Group has many years of experience helping those who serve and their families. They are excited to join the network to take their military

If you ever moved, you know some items magically go to that dark abyss where only socks from the dryer go, never to be found again. Or maybe you unpack your DVD player and find it in several pieces. Both scenarios mean filing insurance claims for damaged or missing items. To make that task easier, be sure to inventory your household goods before you move. Here are some tips on how to conduct an inventory:

  • Take pictures and videos of your items.
  • Record the serial numbers.
  • Keep your inventory list in a safe place like the cloud or a safe deposit box.
  • Update your list often.

If there's one thing to expect when moving, it's the unexpected. Keeping an inventory of your items will help you file insurance claims and give you peace of