February 2016

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PCSing is stressful. Getting orders, making decisions about how you will move and who will do it, packing, organizing- the list goes on and on. Then you arrive at a new duty station to turn around and unpack, make decisions, put a home together, and get back to “normal”.

It is nothing short of overwhelming, and a big reason I think military spouses and kids are essentially superheroes. 

If you know that PCSing is in your future, do yourself a favor. Think about cutting some weight in the possessions department. This can be done at anytime, doesn’t cost anything, and can make your next PCS move just slightly less stressful. 

Humans love stuff. We decorate, collect, and hold on to all sorts of meaningful (and sometimes silly) things. I am in no way

With the start to the New Year behind us, it is time to once again plan ahead for tax season. With the exception of those serving in combat zones or stationed outside the U.S, most military personnel and their families must file taxes by the traditional April 15 deadline.

As usual, there are a number of unique credits and deductions available to service members. This article will focus on the deductions available to military families. All information in this piece is based on information supplied by the IRS in the Armed Forces Tax Guide. For further clarification or for additional deductions, as well as information on available tax credits, you should refer to this document.

It can be found online here: https://www.irs.gov/uac/About-Publication-3

Summer can seem a long way off in February. During these short and cold days, take some time to explore great opportunities for your military kids and camp. Military kids can face some unique challenges, and many of these camps are designed to create a sense of community and bonding with other military kids. Follow these links to keep exploring summer camp opportunities for military kids! 

Camp Corral 

Giving children of brave military families an amazing week of non-stop fun and excitement in the great outdoors with camps across the country.

Operation Purple Camp 

Offering military kids a FREE WEEK of camp where they connect with other kids, just like them, head over to National Military Family Association’s site for details and

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and if your loved one is deployed you may ask yourself, should you even bother to celebrate this day. If you think you're going to spend it alone, resist the temptation to crawl into bed and pull the covers over your head. Try to embrace this holiday as an opportunity to show your love and appreciation to not only your spouse, but also your friends and family. If you're unsure of how to celebrate "V-Day," try these four ideas to get you started: 

1.) Make bake goods with the kids. Treat your kids to some quality time by helping them bake cookies or cupcakes for Valentine's Day. The cookies can be treats for school mates, friends or sent in a care package to a deployed parent. 

2.) Make cards to send to dad or have

PCSmoves.com would like to welcome Main Street Properties to our growing network of real estate brokerages dedicated to serving those who serve our country. With three offices in Pensacola, Florida, Main Street Properties pride themselves on providing hometown values and world-class service. 

NAS Pensacola was the first Naval Air Station commissioned by the Navy over a century ago. The community of Pensacola has become a warm and welcoming city that has grown hand in hand with the military and Main Street Properties knows the importance of finding the right home and location for military folks and their families.

Having cultivated their business in the “Cradle of Naval Aviation”, the brokers, managers, and agents of Main Street Properties understand