April 2016

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National Military Appreciation Month is coming up quick! May is almost here and we wanted to share these links for all our service members and their families. Saving a few dollars is a top priority for all of us and we hope you can find some deals you never knew about for the everyday purchases and for other things like vacations and fun events!

NMAM.org is a great website for info on National Military Appreciation Month, but for the best and most up to date information on deals and special events celebrating those who serve, be sure to head to their Facebook page.  

The MilitaryBenefits.info website is also a great resource on discounts and they offer a search by state. Check out the deals in the state you live in or look at deals around your next

Moving with kids adds a whole new layer to the process of PCSing. The challenge for parents can be finding ways to help and support their kids through the PCSing process, all the while making plans, figuring out the move, and dealing with their own emotions.

We found these books to be great resources for explaining moving, tips for how to say goodbye, and strategies for coping with a move as a family. There are books for the little ones, the tweens and teens, and even parents. If you have an upcoming move, consider checking any of these out to help lighten the emotional load or find coping strategies to help family members during this time.

Included are the Amazon links, and many are available as a book or e-book. 

For the Little Ones: 


Uncle Sam expects you to file your taxes even if you or your service member is deployed. But it’s easier than you think to file these days. The Internal Revenue Service recognizes that service members and their families often face special circumstances and has made the annual-tax-filing event easier for you.

Get started

If you are a service member or filing taxes on behalf of a service member, here are a few important items to know before you start the process:

  • File returns in your permanent home state. If you are stationed somewhere other than your permanent home address, you will still pay state taxes to your home state, in most cases. For example, if your legal state of residency is Kansas, but you're stationed in California, you will file

Getting information about where you are moving to is important for anyone, but it is ESPECIALLY important to military families. They move often, and they mostly relocate or PCS with a fairly tight schedule. One of the things that can help families the most with their moves is a list of a few REALLY good sources of information that will save them a bunch of time!

So here are a few of our favorites at PCSmoves.com. We are not affiliated with any of these sites. They simply have been the best sources of information that we have found.

GreatSchools.org - One of the first things on a relocating family's mind is schools. Using GreatSchools.org, you can find a veritable treasure trove of information about schools in any given area of the country. They