May 2016

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We’ve all heard the nightmare stories of movers showing up and packing things they shouldn’t. Like the full trash bag, or half-eaten sandwiches. As unpleasant as it might be to unpack a full trash bag after a week in a moving truck, it is more unpleasant to do without important items while waiting for the truck to arrive.

Avoid the unpleasantness by cordoning off an area of your home that is a “no pack zone” ideally behind a door that you can label as such. In your no pack zone, you should be sure to place all the things you want to keep close during a PCS move. Here are our top 7 items to keep with you during the move. 

1. Orders and copies of your orders.

No explanation needed really. They are important, and you should always have the original

On Memorial Day weekend, yes, we have time with family and friends, and an extra day off of work, but the purpose for the day is to commemorate those who gave up their Memorial Days...and every other that we can enjoy ours. Taking time to honor them and their sacrifice is what this weekend is all about. 

And I love to find and read stories of amazing people who take the time and make it a true passion in life to pay their respects. Such is the story of Morrill Worcester. It is worth taking some time to read.

And watch. 


A young man in a wreath making family in Maine, he turned his own touching experience at Arlington into a lifetime of honor for our military. His simple way of honoring our military each year went largely

Advice on how to handle all the ups and downs of a PCS move are everywhere. Just one quick internet search will open the floodgate of planning ideas, workbooks, and endless articles of advice on what works and what doesn’t.

The truth about PCSing is as unique as you are. You’re looking to make a big decision. You may not even be in the same country. You’ve never visited the place you have orders to before. You’re a military spouse tasked with buying a house, and your partner is deployed- those are just a sliver of the potential scenarios you might face. Throw in kids, pets, timelines that may or may not be set, time zone differences, and an array of other unique factors, and you can see why PCSing is a topic that generates so many advice columns.

The basic need of housing has long been the source of an often-asked question: Is it better to rent or to buy? Last week we shared some info about renting versus buying, but this week we wanted to back it up with some solid numbers.

Well, this NEW TOOL makes that decision a lot easier!

There are countless articles that argue for both sides. But the very simple truth is that there is no one right answer.

The only correct answer to the question of renting versus buying is the answer that takes all of YOUR specific information into consideration. Where are you buying? How much are you looking to spend on a home? How long do you plan on staying in that home? What kind of down payment are you prepared to make? What will your mortgage rate be?


If there was such a thing as the Moving Olympics, your military family could easily capture the gold.

Deciding whether to rent or buy when you move is a big question and a huge financial decision. Because you may move frequently with the military, you'll want to think carefully about what it means to own your home and do your homework before you sign on the dotted line.

You'll need to be honest about how much house you can afford, so you don't end up "house poor." Luckily, whatever you choose, the Service Members Civil Relief Act can provide legal protection for active-duty service members.

How to decide whether to rent or buy your next home

There are pros to each choice — it's just a matter of figuring out what works best for you.

Pros of

You’ve navigated the move and now you are at your newest home. Maybe it’s temporary, maybe not? Hopefully your stuff has arrived, and if you are really efficient, maybe you have even unpacked.

You have a million things to do. Everyone who has ever moved with the military knows this. And those million things are all very important. But one thing that is also important is getting out and having fun. This part of your PCS usually falls to the bottom of the list. 

It’s time to reconsider enjoyment as an important part of the relocation process. Here are four reasons we thing everyone should make time to explore (and enjoy) their new duty station. 

1. Find what you already love.

It’s important to supplement your life with things and experiences