June 2016

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We recently asked our PCS community to take a moment to tell us about military minded organizations that are important to them.

Andrea Curtis of United Country Premier Properties in the Fort Hood area of Texas directed us to one of her favorite organizations, Boot Campaign.

BootCampaign.org is a fundraising organization that works tirelessly to give back to the military and veteran community using the three-pronged approach of awareness, patriotism, and assistance. 

Starting as a photo campaign in 2009 to promote patriotism, Boot Campaign built enormous momentum to become the 501(c)(3) charitable organization that it is today. Five Texas women turned a photo wearing combat boots into a national movement that gives over two million dollars a year

Earlier this month, Kristen Smith of the SpouseBuzz.com blog wrote an article entitled “This Is It, the PCS Pause.” Kristen is a military wife and social media maven who has tackled a topic that anyone facing a relocation has dealt with, but with a dash of hope and some serious silver lining, both of which can be in short supply when you’re playing the waiting game. 

The “PCS Pause” is the time when you know orders are coming, but nothing is official, and you spend a lot of time chatting about what might be happening in the not too distant future. 

Instead of focusing on the anxiety that this time can inspire in even the toughest and most resilient of military families, Kristen offers the solid advice to slow down and make the most of this time of

One of the things that most military families deal with that civilian families do not is frequent moves with pets. Pets are an important part of bringing "home" with family members to their new location. They bring a friend, companion and unconditional love with them wherever you are. So how to do this with as little stress to the pet and the family as possible? It takes work, but it can be done!

For PCS moves there are several resources and Pet PCS providers that help in getting pets to your new home. Services like PCSPets.com and ActionPetRelocation.com provide door to door services, vetrinary vaccinations and documentation and everything you need,but a more affordable solution is to follow this checklist:

1. Plan for your destination. Check

The Department of Defense Warrior Games began this week and will continue until June 21, 2016. This year’s events are taking place in West Point, New York. If you’ve never heard of the Warrior Games, make sure to head to their website for a huge dose of inspiration and pride in our service members. 

Warrior Games is an adaptive sports competition for wounded, ill, and injured service members. Over 200 athletes have come together this year from every branch of the military to compete and pay homage to the resilient spirit of all who have been injured in service to our country.

This year the line up of sports includes archery, cycling, field events, shooting, volleyball, swimming, track, and basketball. All of the events include modifications of rules

In the early stages of getting new orders? Orders in hand and need a starting point for your budget? Curious about BAH, DITY or PPM, COLA or just need an estimate on general PCS expenses? 

Check out these calculators for more info. These sites are a great tool to help you come up with estimates for moving. They are not the final say in what your move will cost, but a great jumping off point as you start to get your budget and plans for relocation going! 

Defense Travel Management Office BAH Calculator


DITY Move and PPM Calculator


PCS Estimation Calculator


2016 CONUS COLA Payment Calculator