July 2016

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When you’re PCSing every few years, you usually end up learning the lay of the land at each new duty station approximately a month before you leave. Just when you unlock the mysteries of your current base, it’s almost time to head toward the next.

To help learn the lay of the land, and find a place that has a map and phone numbers for many on-base amenities and services, look no further than the straightforward and informative app called Base Directory. The name leaves nothing to the imagination, but that’s the point when you are trying to find the barbershop, the Dental Clinic, or the BX.

As an app, and more recently a website as well, Base Directory is incredibly helpful before and after arrival to a new base whether PCSing or passing through. To

Packing is an art, and most military families reach master status before they are back to civilian life. We found these great tips mentioned over and over again by a ton of different sites and thought they might be helpful. Chances are you’ve used some of these tips before, but if it is your first move, or you haven’t done a move in awhile, check it out!

1. Bag it up.

 Use a garbage bag to corral a whole section of hanging clothes. Then you can just transfer them to a box and easily pull them out and hang them in the new place. All without the hassle of hanger wrangling! 

2. Seriously, bag everything. 

You need to stock up on plastic sandwich and gallon bags. The brand is not important. Find the biggest box for the best price and then use them

Orders have arrived, and you know where you are headed for your next PCS. Now what? There are things to do, places to call, and questions to ask. You don’t have to do it alone. 

It takes a village, and one person your village needs is a real estate professional. More specifically, you need a real estate professional who understands military relocation inside and out. A great agent assures that you will have the best move to date, but there are some things you should be sure to do to really make the experience stellar. 

1. Find an agent and stay in touch.

Get a referral for an agent at your new duty station and reach out. Try asking friends and neighbors, or even use a reliable service like PCSmoves.com to connect with the best real estate agents

The “P” in PCS should really stand for planning when you consider the amount of it that has to be done! While you sort, donate, pack, and get down to moving day, consider these top 5 important items to move with you personally. No matter what type of move you choose to do, these items can help you survive the first few nights in your new place.

1. Kitchen Goods: You can only eat pizza and takeout for so long in the high-stress time of your move. Plan accordingly and keep a few key items for a minimalist kitchen. We recommend a small cutting board, paring knife, can opener, and some paper plates to get started. We also suggest taking into account your needs. If you cannot function without coffee every morning, do yourself a favor and pack your mug,