September 2016

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You did it! You survived the entire planning process, and the wait is finally over. You have finally arrived at moving day! We asked around, and these seemed to be the big tips for keeping your sanity on one of “big” days of a PCS move. 

1. Create an off-limits room and check on it every so often.

My dear friend goes so far as to lock all important paperwork and her absolute DO NOT PACK items in the trunk of her car before the morning of the move before the movers even step foot in her home. On one of her many PCS pack-ups, her x-ed out “do not pack” room was taken as more of a suggestion. A couple of hours later, they were forced to do some creative digging to find boxes they needed with passports and orders that had somehow ended up in the very

Military discounts and savings can be a real budget saver when trying to orchestrate a trip, plan a family outing, or even find a place to dine out. We rounded up three great websites that we recommend checking out. They are a quick way to discover new places to go and things to do whether you have been at the same duty station for years or you are interested in finding something neat at your new base. They can also help you save a little while traveling or taking a much-needed vacation- check them out! 

1. The Frugal Girls 

Heidi at The Frugal Girls rounds up neat travel tips, delicious recipes, and great info for saving some money. She updates regularly, and her list of places, goods, services, and other military discounts is HUGE! 

Want to get out and see the country? There is no better way than with the “America the Beautiful Annual Pass” for current US military members and their dependents. This year-long pass is available to current US military members and the dependents of deployed military in all branches of the military. Most current US Reserve and National Guard Members are also eligible. 

The free Annual Pass can be acquired in person by a sponsor or dependent (with the correct paperwork) at any Federal recreation site that charges an entrance or amenity fee. The pass covers entrance into National Park Service Sites and Fish and Wildlife Service sites that charge an entrance or amenity fee. For a full list of eligible sites, be sure to click HERE for an overview and pass

Ben Franklin said it best when he stated: “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” There is a reason that advice is still so relevant. PCSing is a juggling act of planning and coordination. It’s easy to drop some balls, especially in the budget department, when you are in transition. There are unexpected expenses, times when buying something is easier, and all sorts of things that just happen. Start with these ideas and make sure going way out of the budget isn’t one of the things that just happen to you.

1. Review your existing budget.

You don’t need to have a spreadsheet to be on top of your expenses and your budget (although it is a useful tool), but you do need to be aware. You can use an app or write it down, but you need to have a