December 2016

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Resolutions are just the hopes we have for a coming year, a mindfulness exercise to improve areas of our life. We’ve put a special MilFam spin on some of the most popular resolutions over the years to give you some inspiration as you plan, PCS, and balance your crazy military life!

Stay Fit and Healthy (Mentally)

Who knows how many years this has topped the charts of New Year’s resolutions, but it is especially important for Military families. And while everyone is all hung up on beach bodies and eating clean, we think everyone could benefit from focusing a little on mental and emotional fitness.

Life can be exceptionally challenging for military families, but there are plenty of resources, outlets, and programs available to help give you the

The holidays have officially arrived. This weekend will mark the start of Hanukkah and the observance of Christmas. This is such a magical time of year. The lights, the chaos, and the celebrations are everywhere.

For us at PCSmoves, we wanted to take this space on our blog to say thanks and express our gratitude to the military community. PCSmoves is veteran owned, and we are based in Hampton Roads, a huge military area. We strive to provide a network of real estate professionals to help military members find a home wherever their orders take them.

We are grateful beyond measure for every person and family that has reached out to us on our website to look at homes and connect with a real estate professional.

We are grateful for every agent

The holidays have the tendency to be all about excess and celebration. We’re hard-wired to do more- spend more, eat more, push ourselves well outside of our routines. It’s completely normal, but it still manages to drive us crazy! Combine the usual stress with the extra challenges that military families face, and you’re talking about the kind of stress that turns jolly elves into certified Scrooges.

Let’s all take a deep breath and remember these tips for a sane(ish) holiday season.

1. Embrace traditions, but don’t be afraid to tweak them.

Most of us have an idea of what we want to experience during the holiday season. There are unique family traditions and things that you ALWAYS do, right? Sometimes being a military family means that you

Many holiday mailing deadlines have passed, but there is still time to do something that many will appreciate. The holidays are such a special time, but there are plenty of service members who can’t make it home to be with their families. If you live near a base or installation, consider offering a spot or two at your holiday dinner for a military member.

If you know someone who serves, ask if they know anyone who isn’t able to make it home this holiday season. It’s always great to start with your circle before expanding out. Expand your search for Facebook if you don’t get any bites from friends in person. 

There are also great resources at bases and installations to match people with service members who won’t be able to make it home for the