January 2017

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Today is National Spouse Day, and if anyone deserves some special recognition, it’s the military spouses across the country! Here’s why we love you:

You’re the strongest people we know.

Military spouses have a certain character, a unique grit, that makes them incredible. There is no shortage of trying times for military spouses, from deployment to PCSing thousands of miles away, and every milspouse we know has always taken all of these things in stride.

 You’re the most talented people we know.

Milspouses come from all over, have lived all over, and have picked up skills out of necessity that make civilian spouses look like one trick ponies. Learning to cook an authentic Japanese dish while stationed there, keeping cool and calm during the

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We know you have a Pinterest board chock full of ideas for making a PCS experience go smoother, but this is our real-talk guide to a better PCS in 2017. Start here and make your next move your best one yet.

1. Start with less.

Moving is hard work. Stop making it harder than it needs to be! Lighten your load! Use yard sale-ing season to clear out and have less stuff to take with you. Toys, old furniture, big items that you have replaced can all earn you some extra money and cut weight for your next move. Or if the idea of tackling all your stuff is just too much, simply place a box somewhere in your house and fill it with things you can donate weekly or give to friends who can use it. The possibilities are endless, but cutting down on stuff will

The start of a new year always reminds us of all the wonderful possibilities for the coming days, months, and seasons. When the frantic rushing around of the holidays slowly returns to real life, it always feels like there is just a little room to breath, take in the situation, and make a plan.

If you are new to your duty station, the start of a new year is an excellent opportunity to view things with a fresh heart and set of eyes. The holidays offer an abundance of distractions, but skip the quiet of a new year slump and make this year the best yet for you and your family! 

1. Get out of your comfort zone. 

The holidays have a tendency to take us out of the day to day. Celebration and travel tend to disrupt the comfortable routines we have