October 2017

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October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The Domestic Violence Awareness Project defines domestic violence as, “A pattern of abusive behaviors–including physical, sexual, and psychological attacks as well as economic coercion–used by one intimate partner against another (adult or adolescent) to gain, maintain, or regain power and control in the relationship. Batterers use a range of tactics to frighten, terrorize, manipulate, hurt, humiliate, blame, often injure, and sometimes kill a current or former intimate partner.”

For more information about domestic violence, including potential warning signs for emotional, physical, or sexual abuse, visit the National Domestic Violence Hotline's information page: Is This Abuse? Get the Facts.


In keeping with our previous posts about hurricane relief efforts, we want to talk about relief efforts with the Northern California wildfires.

The fires started Sunday, Oct. 8, leaving 41 people dead and making 20,000 residents take mandatory evacuations. An estimated 5,700 homes and structures have been destroyed. As Madison Park of CNN describes the fires, “It's unclear what caused fires to form suddenly around the same time in one night, blazing through California's wine country while many residents were caught unaware as they headed to bed.”

The Associated Press reported 17 large fires were still burning across the northern part of the state, with more than 10,000 firefighters attacking the flames using air tankers, helicopters and more than

You’ve finally gotten your orders, and surprise: you’re transferring to Elizabeth City, NC!

Elizabeth City? Is there anything even down there, besides farms? How far away are we going to be from the nearest city?

Here at PCSMoves.com, we have a series of posts about potential new duty stations and how to get your family situated. We’re covering different areas, served by the nationwide network of real estate professionals that make up PCSMoves.com. Click here to read our last post about Silver Spring, MD.

Elizabeth City is in Pasquotank County, in northeastern North Carolina. The 2014 census reported its population as 18,047. It’s home to the largest Coast Guard Air Station in the nation. It’s 40-50 miles south of Hampton Roads, VA and home to

We’ve been talking about the importance of having a hobby to keep yourself busy during your spouse’s deployment. This week, we’re talking about another project idea: photo scanning.

Depending on your age and the size of your family, you might have totes full of photo albums or loose photographs stashed away in a closet. Over time, pictures can fade or become stuck together. By scanning and saving them now, you can preserve those family memories.

There are services you can hire to scan your photos for you. You can find them online by searching, “photo scanning services.” However, with a moderate cost for some simple equipment, you can do the same thing yourself on your schedule.

To get started, you’ll need:

  • A computer
  • The hard drive of