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As a military family, you’ll probably move a few times during your career, either from one local home to another or to a different base, a couple states away. Some of that will depend on your personal preferences on relocation, as well as the needs of your military branch and your rate, and the nearby commands at which you could be stationed.

Your first military move could be the first truly stressful thing you experience as a military spouse. But, with the right amount of pre-planning, there are ways to get through your first PCS move like a seasoned pro.

1. Know your schedule, in advance.

Once you know when your PCS packers and movers will be arriving, make sure you aren’t dealing with them on your own. Find a family member or a good friend

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We’ve all heard the horror stories- the waiting, the delays, the full trash can that gets packed by the movers. PCSing has a bad reputation.

Focusing on the good in a situation can help you get through the not so good parts. We want to remind all the military families we know about the positive aspects of PCSing. So here is our short list. Please let us know what you would add! 

New Home

 You know how you hate the mud pit that is the back yard or the wall that you share with your (very loud) neighbor? Well, that’s about to change. New duty station, new housing. And whether you choose on or off base, buy or rent, now you have a chance to possibly find something you love about a new place to call home.

New Area to Explore

My friends

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It is scientifically proven that moving becomes more challenging with each additional family member added.  Alright, we totally made that up, but in the case of moving with little ones, we don’t feel like it would be too hard to prove that theory. For such tiny humans, babies and toddlers have a significant amount of power in the family structure. And they are not afraid to wield that power, as evidenced by the power meltdowns we’ve all witnessed.

So how do you make a move easier when there are littles involved? Here are our top tips for keeping tots (and you!) sane during a PCS. 

1. Take lots of small bites.

We’re not actually talking about food, but the business of getting a plan and putting it into action. It’s unrealistic to think that

Congress designated May as National Military Appreciation Month in 1999, to ensure the nation publicly demonstrates their appreciation for the sacrifices and successes made by our service members, both past and present. Each year, the president makes a proclamation, reminding Americans of the critical role the U.S. Armed Forces have played in the history and development of our country.

May was selected because it has most days set aside for celebrating and commemorating our military's achievements, including Loyalty Day, established in 1921; Victory in Europe (VE) Day, commemorating the end of WWII in Europe on May 8, 1945; Armed Forces Day, created in 1949; Military Spouse Appreciation Day, formed in 1984; and of course the best known of the May