June 2018

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If you’ve ever looked up care package ideas for your service member, you’ve probably seen posts on “Open When” letters. While technology has certainly made it easier to communicate when apart, sometimes it's nice to get reminders from the people we love during times that they're not there. “Open When” letters give you the ability to spend a little time dedicated to making sure your loved one knows how you feel, that you support them, and that they are special.

The best part about “Open When” letters is that they are not just for service members. The idea behind the letters is to write a bunch of them and mark them for when to open them. But service members aren’t the only people who need some words of support from time to time. Service members can

You may not be in the home you purchase for the long haul, but buying a home as a service member can help build your wealth and give you a great place to make memories at your duty station. Here are some important tips for getting started in the home buying process.

1. Find an agent you can trust.

Ask around and talk to friends. Chances are you know a military friendly real estate agent already. Don’t be afraid to look around and talk to a few agents before choosing someone to work with. You need someone who can help navigate the unique challenges of a military move, so be sure to find someone with plenty of experience working with military folks.

2. Know your budget.

Shop around for a mortgage company that works with VA loans, the more

Summer is winding down, and maybe you already took all the big vacations you could. Or maybe you just made a move and aren’t familiar with your new home.

This is the perfect time for a staycation. The staycation is a vital component to sanity offering the perfect blend of quality family time, low-stress levels, and they are traditionally easier on the wallet than the standard vacation. Anyone can take one, and the best part is you can take one for a week or just a weekend. 

Here are our ideas to inspire your next staycation:

1. Seek Water

Pond, lakes, the ocean, swimming holes, or the pool on base on in your backyard. Seek out a place to swim. Play games, float and relax, have a cannonball contest, or make a day of a hike to a local spot. The

Living the military lifestyle can be fairly nomadic, and it can have you living in environments you weren’t expecting. What if hot summer temperatures are a new thing to you? How are you going to get through these next few months?

The given way of being safe and comfortable is to stay hydrated and be indoors during the peak sun hours.

However, even the inside can get warm and uncomfortable. If you don't have air conditioning, here are five unconventional ways to stay cool this summer, from Katy Galimberti at AccuWeather.com.

1. Load up on spices.

While it may sound strange, eating spicy foods can cool your body down. The heat of a spicy dish will make you sweat and, in turn, cool you off naturally.

If that sounds too extreme, Nancy

You’ve finally gotten your orders, and surprise: you’re transferring to Pensacola, FL!

Wait a minute; I didn’t list Pensacola as one of my choices. I don’t know anything about that area, and now I’m moving my family there?

There’s an unwritten rule of military service: at some point, you’ll be sent somewhere you’ve never thought of going, and you’ll know nothing about that area.

But never fear: PCSMoves.com is going to help you figure out some of what you might need at your new duty station and how to get your family situated. Each month, we’ll cover different regions, served by the nationwide network of real estate professionals that make up PCSMoves.com

Pensacola is the westernmost city in the Florida Panhandle, a seaport on Pensacola Bay.