Exploring the 334: Welcome to Montgomery, AL

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You’ve finally gotten your orders, and surprise: you’re transferring to Montgomery, AL!

Wait a minute…Montgomery, AL? Isn’t that the Deep South? The only things they have down there are sweet tea and grits, right?

Here at PCSMoves.com, we have an ongoing series of posts about potential new duty stations and how to get your family situated. Each month, we’ll cover different regions, served by the nationwide network of real estate professionals that make up PCSMoves.com. Click here to read our last post about Elizabeth City, NC.

Montgomery is the capital of Alabama. As of 2013, the population was listed at 201,332. In addition to many government agencies, Montgomery has a large military presence with Maxwell Air Force Base and the Gunter Annex (only 11 miles from the base); public universities Alabama State University, Troy University and Auburn University at Montgomery; Faulkner University and Huntingdon College; plus high-tech manufacturing, including Hyundai Motor Manufacturing.

If you’re moving to Montgomery without a place to live, check out Maxwell Air Force Inn. Staying at the inn for a week or two can take off some of the pressure you might be feeling while looking for a place to live. The Air Force Inn offers microwaves, refrigerators, laundry facilities, and Internet access.

And if you’ve got a family pet with you on this move, check with the Air Force Inn before you arrive to find out if they have any of their pet-friendly rooms available. If they aren’t, the staff may be able to give you some kennel information. If pets are allowed, be sure to ask if there will be pet fees due at check-in.

Once you’re ready to move out of the Inn and live on-post, Maxwell Family Housing offers the quality living your family deserves and the pricing and flexibility your family needs. Located on Maxwell Air Force Base and Gunter Annex in Montgomery, Alabama Maxwell Family Housing is a family-friendly community encompassing over 500 historic and traditional homes. For more information, call their office at 888-666-2652.

The other option for housing is to live off-post. “The median price of homes currently listed in Montgomery is $119,900. The median rent price in Montgomery is $850, which is lower than the Montgomery Metro median of $900,” according to Zillow.

If you’ve made a PCS move with the military packing you out, a bonus is not worrying about storing your personal belongings while you’re looking for a place to live. Your household belongings may take longer to get to you, but your items can be stored for you if they arrive while you are still looking for housing.

If you’ve made this as a personal move, chances are you didn’t bring everything with you that you owned in your previous home. If you need to pick up a few items for your new home, there are two thrift stores you might want to check out.

Yelp also has a list of the Best Thrift Stores in Montgomery. There is also the usual assortment of Target and Wal-Mart stores in the area as well, so finding your favorite brands of everything shouldn’t be a problem.

If you’re bringing a family pet along with you on this move, the Maxwell AFB Veterinary Clinic provides vaccinations, microchips, health certificates, and minor skin/ear/eye checks. They’re open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. As with most veterinary emergency cases, you'd need to go to a full-service civilian veterinary hospital.

All pets living on post must be registered with the veterinary treatment facility upon arrival. On-Post housing, through Maxwell Family Housing, may limit the number and breed of pets that can live in on-post housing. Contact them for more information.

Make sure you start getting plugged into your new community as soon as you can. “Life At The Max” has a website with a list of events to check out on a regular basis.

If you have young children that may need care because of your work schedule, be sure to look into the Maxwell Child Development Center, for children ages 6 weeks to 5-years-old. If you have children aged 5-years to 12-years old, the Maxwell School Age Center is available.

At the Gunter Annex, the available programs are the Gunter Child Development Center and the Gunter Youth Program.

But your new life in Montgomery can’t revolve around what’s on-post! Get out and live like a local! Visit the Civil Rights Memorial Center and the Rosa Parks Museum to see where history happened and where brave individuals fought for freedom. The Memorial Center is just around the corner from the church where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. served as pastor during the Montgomery Bus Boycott in 1955-1956, as well as the Alabama Capitol steps where the Selma-to-Montgomery voting rights march ended in 1965.

If you’re looking for good eats, take a road trip to Mobile and check out 1, or maybe all 4, of the restaurants Adam Richman featured on “Man v. Food” on Food Network.

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Where has been your favorite place to live? Share with us in the comments! Thinking about looking for a new home because of a PCS move? Start your search with us!

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