Exploring the 401: Welcome to Newport, RI

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You’ve finally gotten your orders, and surprise: you’re transferring to Newport, RI!

Hang on a sec…Isn’t Rhode Island the smallest state in the country? Is there even anything there? I don’t know anything about that area, and now I’m moving my family there?

Here at PCSMoves.com, we're doing an ongoing series of entries about potential new duty stations and how to get your family situated. Each month, we’ll cover different regions, served by the nationwide network of real estate professionals that make up PCSMoves.com. Click here to read our last post about Pensacola, FL.

There are 3 military bases in Rhode Island: Naval Station Newport and 2 Coast Guard bases: Station Castle Hill in Newport and Station Point Judith in Narragansett. Naval Station Newport is home to the Naval War College and the Naval Justice School, as well as Marine Corps Detachment Newport.

Newport is known as a New England summer resort and is famous for its mansions (which can be fun for site-seeing), as well as being known as the sailing capital of the United States. At of 2013, the population was 24,027.

If you’re moving to Newport without a place to live, check out the Navy Lodge in Newport. Staying at the lodge for a week or two can take off some of the pressure you might be feeling while looking for a place to live.

And if the family pet with you for this move, check with the Navy Lodge before you arrive to find out if they have any of their pet-friendly rooms available. If they aren’t, the staff may be able to give you some kennel information. If pets are allowed, be sure to ask if there will be pet fees due at check-in.

If the Navy Lodge is full, there are a couple other options. There is also a Navy Gateway Inn available at NS Newport, which may have space available if the Lodge is full. Their phone number is 401-841-7900. The Newport Chalet also offers temporary accommodations at NS Newport and can be reached 24 hours a day, at 401-841-7900.

Should you decide to buy or rent a home, “Home prices in Newport average about $400,000, while the metro area is about $270,000. This is higher than the Rhode Island state average of $259,000. Rent in Newport County ranges from $1,200 to $1,800 per month, depending on the size of the apartment,” according to the Naval housing website.

The Newport Naval housing website has links to nearby single-family rentals and apartments, as well as homes for sale by owner and through an agent. The 2017 Base Housing Allowance (BAH) rates are listed if you need a refresher.

NS Newport on post housing is privately owned and operated by Balfour Beatty Communities. Call the Newport housing office to learn more about types of homes and availability, at 401-841-3576.

If you’ve made a PCS move with the military packing you out, a bonus is not worrying about storing your personal belongings while you’re looking for a place to live. Your household belongings may take longer to get to you, but they can be stored for you if they arrive while you're still looking for housing.

If you’ve made this as a personal move, chances are you didn’t bring everything with you that you owned in your previous home. If you need to pick up a few items for your new home, NS Newport does have the Newport Thrift Shop. It’s open 11 AM-1:30 PM and 4:30-6 PM on Tuesdays, and 11 AM-1:30 PM on Thursdays.

NS Newport is home to the PHCD Naval Station Newport Veterinary Clinic. They offer routine veterinary care, vaccinations, minor sick calls, and a variety of preventative products, with appointments available Monday, Tuesday and Friday. The clinic doesn’t board animals. If boarding your pet is required for any reason, give them a call and ask whom they would recommend.

Make sure you start getting plugged into your new community as soon as you can. NS Newport’s Morale, Welfare & Recreation (MWR) Department has a Facebook page, and a monthly newsletter. MWR’s mission is to provide quality support and recreational services that contribute to the retention, readiness, mental, physical, and emotional well being of the military and their families.

If you have young children that may need care because of your work schedule, be sure to look into NS Newport’s Child Development Center.

And speaking of work, NS Newport’s MWR Department also has a job website, if you have, or you are, a spouse that needs to look for a job.

But your new life in Newport can’t revolve around what’s on-base! Get out of there and live like a local! When you get a chance, check out Olneyville N.Y. System Restaurant. It’s Hot Weiner Challenge was featured on “Man vs Food Nation” on the Travel Channel on Aug. 10, 2011.

A couple of Rhode Island fun facts, just in case you want to go for a drive, once you get there:

  • Rhode Island is 48 miles long, from north to south.
  • It is 37 miles wide, from east to west.
  • Rhode Island has more than 400 miles of coastline.

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