Exploring the 757: Welcome to Hampton Roads, VA

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You’ve finally gotten your orders, and surprise: you’re transferring to Hampton Roads!

Here at PCSMoves.com, we're continuing a series of posts about potential new duty stations and how to get your family situated. We’re covering different areas, served by the nationwide network of real estate professionals that make up PCSMoves.com. Click here to read part 1 of our entry on entry on Hampton Roads.

Depending on the time of year, a move to Hampton Roads may afford you and your family something you didn’t expect while you look for a new home. If you’ve brought a camper with you on this trip, there are places you can set up your own temporary home. Whether you’re looking for the sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean or a restful evening in the woods, you can turn your PCS move into a mini-vacation.

The Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) Department operates a campground and RV site at Little Creek in Virginia Beach. There are 45 RV sites and 10 tent sites. There is a 30-day limit on stays here, with a required 2 weeks before returning. Small pets are allowed here but must remain on-leash.

MWR also has other campgrounds and RV sites throughout Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Williamsburg, and some of them include cottages on the oceanfront!

Doing a PCS move with a military pack out gives you a bonus of not having to worry about storing your personal belongings while you’re looking for a place to live. Your household belongings may take longer to get to you, but your items can be stored for you if they arrive while you’re still looking for housing.

You might have made this as a personal move, so chances are you didn’t bring everything with you from your previous home. If you’re a fan of thrift stores, be sure to check Yelp’s list of the most subjective list of Hampton Roads thrift stores. There is also the usual assortment of Navy, Marines and Air Force Exchanges, Targets and Wal-Marts throughout the area, so finding your favorite brands of everything shouldn’t be a problem.

You can also visit the nearest Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC) and check out some items from their “Lending Lockers” to help with your relocation to the area.

That local FFSC is also another tool for making your military life in Hampton Roads successful. Their staff can assist you with employment searches as well.

If you have young children that may need care because of your work schedule, quality child care is available in the Hampton Roads area. The Navy Mid-Atlantic Region Child Placement Program is a regional office that provides information on childcare resources throughout the Hampton Roads region, both civilian and military providers. The office can be reached at 866-NAVY-CDC.

Approved day care homes may be regulated by individual cities. Call the local Social Services Agency in your city of residence for additional information or the Information Services Division of The Planning Council at 757-625-4543.

MilitaryInstallations.com can be another option for you to look for childcare or the child development centers in your area.

Your new life in Hampton Roads can’t revolve around what’s on-base. Grab your family and have some fun at Busch Gardens! Located about 60 miles northwest of Virginia Beach, Busch Gardens Williamsburg features a combination of rides and musical shows for all ages!

Check out their Waves of Honorprogram to reserve your free tickets for a single day’s admission for one active duty member and up to three dependents.

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