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Congress designated May as National Military Appreciation Month in 1999, to ensure the nation publicly demonstrates their appreciation for the sacrifices and successes made by our service members, both past and present. Each year, the president makes a proclamation, reminding Americans of the critical role the U.S. Armed Forces have played in the history and development of our country.

May was selected because it has most days set aside for celebrating and commemorating our military's achievements, including Loyalty Day, established in 1921; Victory in Europe (VE) Day, commemorating the end of WWII in Europe on May 8, 1945; Armed Forces Day, created in 1949; Military Spouse Appreciation Day, formed in 1984; and of course the best known of the May

It's that time of year - colleges are sending out their acceptance letters and students are furiously approaching deadlines for scholarships. When you're in the Military there are many challenges outside of the average that families face when they're looking for funds for their student. We know PCSing and being on the move can often mean a child wants to return to another state for college - and that can be costly! We've found a great resource for you via the folks at MilitaryOneClick that breaks down the steps you should take to make sure you're at the front of the pack for financial aid!

Here they are! (via MilitaryOneClick.com)


The best resource is the Scholarships for Service search function from Fisher House. From here, you and

The Coast Guard Reserve is celebrating its 77th birthday on Monday, Feb. 19. But the Coast Guard didn’t begin operations under the Department of the Navy until Nov. 1, 1941. For the duration of the war, all personnel enlistments and commissions in the Reserve were for the length of the war plus six months.

According to the 2004 Reserve Policy Statement, “…the core strategic purpose of the Coast Guard Reserve is to maintain the competencies to perform three prioritized functions: Maritime Homeland Security; Domestic and expeditionary support to National Defense; and Domestic, natural or man-made, disaster response and recovery.”

Currently, the Coast Guard Reserve has about 8,000 men and women in service, most of them integrated directly with regular

Norfolk, VA held its 33rd annual “Grand Illumination Parade” on Saturday, Nov. 18. The illumination of the Downtown Norfolk skyline kicked off the festivities as Downtown Norfolk and Olde Towne Portsmouth celebrated the holidays as a community. Downtown Norfolk was enlivened by thousands of people filling the streets to experience the festive beginning of the holiday season, dazzled by spectacular floats, energetic marching bands, giant balloons, lively dancers, and even Santa himself.

The theme of the parade this year was, "From Sea to Shining Sea," acknowledging it as an official Norfolk Naval Station Centennial Event. The nautical theme was well represented. Capt. Rich McDaniel, Commanding Officer of Naval Station Norfolk, was this year’s Grand

The Armed Services YMCA established military Family Appreciation Month in 1993 and recognizes it each November.

“Military Family Appreciation Month is observed every November to recognize and honor Army families for their contributions and sacrifices. The Army recognizes that the selfless dedication and commitment of Army families directly contributes to the readiness of our Soldiers. Families are the force behind the force.”

We know part of the reason that areas like Hampton Roads, home of PCSMoves.com, as well as Montgomery, AL, Bethesda, MD, Fayetteville, NC, and others like them, thrive is not just because of the economic boost the military brings. It’s because of the collective strength of its military residents.

Throughout the month,

This year marks the United States Air Force’s (USAF) 70th birthday. On Sept. 18, 1947, President Harry S. Truman signed the National Security Act, establishing the Air Force as a branch of the military, equal to the U.S. Army, Navy or Marines. It also made the Air Force the most recent branch of the military to be formed.

As a service with joint origins, the Air Force is the foundation for multi-service, interagency and coalition operations. It provides the joint team the ability and freedom to fight in the air, on the ground and at sea. As of this year, the USAF operates more than 5,369 military aircraft, 406 intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM’s) and 69 military satellites. 318,415 active duty personnel, 140,169 civilian employees, 69,200 Air

In the United States, next Monday, the 11th, is known by a variety of names: 9/11 or National Day of Service and Remembrance, when we remember the people that lost their lives that day in 2001.

Here at PCSMoves, we call it by the name on our calendars: Patriot Day.

If you would like to participate in an event, in memory of an individual loved one or all the people that were affected, here is a list of some events taking place:

  • Fort Bragg and XVIII Airborne Corps will hold its annual 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony at 9 AM on Monday, Sept. 11, at the Main Post Parade Field. The ceremony will be held at Hercules Gym on Pope Army Airfield in the event of inclement weather.The ceremony will include a wreath laying by local firefighters and police

On Friday, Aug. 4, the United States Coast Guard celebrates 227 years of honor, respect and devotion to duty. As the nation’s premier maritime law enforcement community, Coast Guard personnel serve to save lives, protect the environment and defend the homeland.

As of 2014, the Coast Guard had over 36,000 men and women on active duty, 7,350 reservists, 29,620 auxiliarists, and 7,064 full-time civilian employees. The U.S. Coast Guard by itself is the world's 12th largest naval force.

During times of peace, our Coast Guard operates under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The U.S. President can transfer it to the U.S. Department of the Navy at any time, or by the U.S. Congress during times of war. This has happened twice, in 1917 during World

The Atlantic hurricane season is June 1-November 30. Now is the time to start planning for possible storms. If you wait until a hurricane is coming, you might only have a day or two to get ready. Many disasters allow no time for people to gather even the most necessities, which is why planning is essential, especially if this is your first time living in an area prone to hurricanes.

Know what your spouse’s command expects to do.

If your active-duty Navy spouse is on sea-duty, don’t expect him or her to remain at home with you during the storm. Your spouse may have to go underway before the storm even arrives. Navy Fleet Forces Command relies on the weather forecast to know where ships can safely avoid a storm and whether it is better for ships to

Tuesday, June 27 is National Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Awareness Day. The National Center for PTSD promotes awareness of PTSD and effective treatments yearlong. Mental health experts are not sure why some people develop PTSD and others don’t.

After a traumatic event, most people have painful memories. For many, the effects of the event fade over time. For others, the memories, thoughts and feelings don't go away, even within months or years afterwards. 

“Overall incidence of PTSD does not appear to have changed across the wars we have fought in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, nor has the severity of symptoms…We believe the disorder we now call PTSD has existed since wars have been fought, although identified by other names,”