Military Mortgage Options

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The possibility of frequent moving should not keep you from buying a home if you feel that you are ready to invest in one. The VA Home Loan program can be a great way for you to find a home mortgage with a good rate. There are several private banks, credit unions, loan companies and mortgage companies that are part of the VA Home Loan Program. VA guaranteed loans come with protection to the lender against loss in the event that the loan cannot be repaid. This guarantee takes the place of the protection that is usually offered by a mandatory down payment, which can help give you additional favorable financing terms. 

There are several benefits to getting a VA home loan may include the right to prepay your loan without penalty, negotiable interest rates, leniency to worthy VA homeowners who experience temporary financial instability, no mortgage insurance premium, no down payment, an assumable mortgage and many more benefits. Each loan is unique, but every VA home loan comes with special benefits. The VA Home Loan Program is something you and your family have earned through your military service, and it can be a great benefit to your family as you relocate. Thousands of PCS families have gotten mortgages through the VA Home Loan Program. 

When you are ready to purchase a home, the Personal Financial Management Program at your installation can be a helpful resource that cal provide you with classes, seminars and even financial counseling sessions. 

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