Military Spouse Job Ideas

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Finding a job after a PCS move can be difficult, but many installations have programs in place that can help. Before moving, there are some steps that can make finding a job in a new location easier. If you have a job that allows you to work from a distance, this could be an option for you without having to change jobs. If this is not a viable option, begin by updating your resume and contacting the employment assistance program at your new installation. Spouse Employment and Career Opportunities (SECO) consultants can also be a helpful source in assisting you with the job search. They can give information about educational and employment opportunities available to you in the installation. 
After moving, there are several ways to continue your job search. One good option for you could be federal employment on the installation. Job fairs and spouses' club meetings can also be helpful resources for finding jobs. A temp agency or local school may have employment opportunities for you as well. Being flexible can help make the transition easier. You may not be able to find a job in the exact industry you are looking for, but volunteering and other opportunities can help you use and develop your skills as a valuable employee. 

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