PCS School Checklist

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Moving with school-age kids can be especially difficult and emotional for the children. There are a few things you can do to help make the PCS process easier on everyone — especially your children. 
It is important to choose the school that is right for your child. This is important for all children, but especially valid if your child has special needs. Also consider if the school offers clubs and activities, before and after school programs, tutoring or other special services your child may need. 
Keep a binder with important educational documents like : samples of work, test scores, report cards, conference notes, copies of IEP, shot records, speech or occupational therapy summaries, copies of 504 plan and any other documents that could be relevant. 
Talk to your child openly about the new school. Allow them to be part of the process, and let them talk about their concerns about moving somewhere new. Reassure them that the new school will meet their needs and that they will find new friends. Creating a plan to help them say goodbye and keep in touch with old friends can help make the move easier. 
Get a school calendar as soon as possible. This will help you keep track of important upcoming dates. 
Withdraw your child from their current school. 
Register your child with the new school as soon as possible, and be sure to bring along the binder with important documents. 
Schedule a tour of the school before your child begins attending so they can get used to the setting. Tour the school along with your child and feel free to ask questions if you have any. 
Try to have your child meet someone from their class or new school before beginning the new school. This could include talking online, on the phone or in person. Knowing someone can help make starting a new school less overwhelming and scary. 
Give lots of support. Moving can be tough for kids, but with the right attitude and a strong support system, your child can thrive in a new environment. 

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