PCSing to the 240/301: Welcome to Silver Spring, MD

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You’ve finally gotten your orders, and surprise: you’re transferring to Silver Spring, MD!

Oh no…Silver Spring, MD? That’s just north of Washington, DC and all its traffic! Am I going to have to move my family into the city?

PCSMoves.com is doing a series of posts about potential new duty stations and how to get your family situated. Click here to read our last post about Bremerton, WA. 

Silver Spring is in Montgomery County, MD. The 2013 population was 76,716, making it the fourth most populous place in Maryland. It’s home to the Forest Glen Annex, a U.S. Army installation. It’s also just 20-30 minutes north of the heart of Washington, DC, making it close to Fort McNair Army Base, the Pentagon, Walter Reed Medical Center, the Coast Guard Headquarters, the Marine Safety Center Coast Guard Base, and the Coast Guard National Response Center.

If you’re moving to Silver Spring without a place to live, check out Navy Lodge Bethesda. Staying at the lodge can take off some of the pressure you might be feeling while looking for a place to live. Located seven miles from the heart of Silver Spring, Navy Lodge Bethesda offers rooms with private kitchenettes as well as cribs, rollaway beds and complimentary breakfasts.

If driving into Bethesda isn’t for you, there’s also a Navy Lodge in Washington, DC, as well as the Bolling Air Force Base Inn and the Navy Gateway Inns & Suites.

If you’ve got a family pet with you, check with the lodge before you arrive to find out if they have any of their pet-friendly rooms available. If they don’t, the staff may be able to give you some local kennel information. Be sure to also ask if there will be any pet fees due at check-in.

And speaking of pets, Silver Spring is home to the Fort Belvoir Army Base Veterinary Clinic. They offer routine veterinary care, vaccinations, minor sick calls, and a variety of preventative products. The clinic doesn’t board animals. If boarding your pet is required for any reason, give the clinic a call and ask whom they would recommend.

Temporary lodging, in the form of furnished apartments, might be available in Silver Spring from BOQ Lodging. BOQ Lodging specializes in corporate lodging solutions for Department of Defense personnel and maintains more than 200 lodging units across the country.

Once you get a little more settled, Bellevue Community in Washington, DC, managed by Lincoln Military Housing, could be one housing option for your family. Located on Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling (JBAB), at the Naval Research Laboratory on South Capitol Street, Bellevue is about eight miles from the Pentagon.

Should you decide to buy a home, the average price of a home in Silver Spring is about $388,700, according to Zillow. If you decide to rent a home, the median rent price in Silver Spring is $2,100, which is lower than the Washington metro median rent of $2,200.

If you’ve made a PCS move with a military pack out, a bonus is not worrying about storing your personal belongings while you’re looking for a place to live. Your household belongings may take longer to get to you, but your items can be stored for you if they arrive while you’re still looking for housing.

You might have made this as a personal move, so chances are you didn’t bring everything with you that you owned in your previous home. If you need to pick up a few items, Yelp has a list of the 10 Best Thrift Shops in Silver Spring. There is also the usual assortment of Target and Wal-Mart stores in the area as well, so finding your favorite brands of everything shouldn’t be a problem.

If you have young children that may need care because of your work schedule, be sure to look into Fort Detrick Child Development Center.

But your new life in Silver Spring can’t revolve around what’s on-base! Get out and live like a local! Trip Advisor has the list, ‘Things To Do In Silver Spring.” Even the parks of Montgomery Country have their very own website! Did you know there’s a year-round downtown market in Silver Spring?

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Where has been your favorite place to live? Share with us in the comments! Thinking about looking for a new home because of a PCS move? Start your search with us!

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