The Real Estate Group Joins

Posted on . is excited to welcome The Real Estate Group to our expanding network! Located in a region of southeastern Virginia known as Hampton Roads, The Real Estate Group has offices located in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake. This region of Virginia has a large and vibrant military community, and The Real Estate Group is proud to be able to serve their unique relocation needs.

The Real Estate Group was founded with a vision of being a strongly people-driven business that was focused on meeting the needs of clients. The huge military presence in the Hampton Roads region means that The Real Estate Group has many years of experience helping those who serve and their families. They are excited to join the network to take their military client experience to the next level.

The Real Estate Group is proud to have roots in a region that has been shaped by the military. Two of the founding brokers are veterans, and they have always looked to welcome and assist military families as they navigate the challenges that are inherent to PCSing.

Military orders to Hampton Roads ensure that you are in the understanding and experienced hands of professionals at The Real Estate Group. Visit The Real Estate Group’s page today!

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